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 The Next Step Forward in Running Records

In the hands of informed teachers, running records reveal the meaning-making, problem-solving strategies children are using as they process text. Richardson, Bates, and McBride provide expert analysis of sample running records and offer how-to videos that take teachers beyond calculating a simple accuracy rate to observing their students' reading behaviors-and then taking next steps to plan targeted lessons.

Available through Amazon.


The RISE Reading Intervention Kit ​

Scholastic RISE provides a powerful short-term intervention with targeted small-group instruction for reading comprehension, word study and phonics, and guided writing. Based on Jan Richardson’s The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, the RISE framework offers daily instruction for students who are reading below grade-level benchmarks. 

This Tier II intervention program provides a scaffolded instructional model where students can immediately apply the skills that they learn in RISE in their classrooms. After six to eight weeks, nearly all students gain the confidence, proficiency, and skills they need to excel as readers and meet grade-level expectations. 


Book Clubs: Live or Remote ​

You can use these bookmarks to support book club discussions.  Pair up your students, have them read the same novel, and invite them to Facetime with each other to discuss the chapters. 

Sight Word Video Collaboration with Jack Hartmann!

We're excited to announce the release of a new sight words series in collaboration with Jack Hartmann! Jack created engaging videos using the “What’s Missing” and “Mix and Fix” activities described in Jan's book, The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading. Videos will be uploaded twice a week, one on Monday and another on Friday. Jack and Jan hope these songs make learning sight words a joy. You can view these videos here

If you don’t already subscribe to Jack’s YouTube channel, check it out. He’s high energy, and the kids love singing and dancing with him.

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