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Jan Richardson, Ph.D., is a best-selling author and an education consultant, reading specialist, former Reading Recovery® Teacher Leader, and a classroom teacher (K-college). Her highly acclaimed collection of professional books includes The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, Guided Reading Teacher’s CompanionNext Step Guided Reading in Action video series, Next Step Guided Reading Assessment kits (coauthored with Maria Walther), Next Step Forward in Reading Intervention (co-authored with Ellen Lewis), and Next Step Forward in Word Study and Phonics (co-authored with Michele Dufresne).


Jan is the lead author for several reading kits. She recommends the Literacy Footprints Classroom Kits (co-authored with Michele Dufresne) for classroom instruction, and the RISE program (co-authored with Ellen Lewis) for a powerful, short-term, small group reading intervention. Additionally, Jan recommends the Stepping Together kit for whole class lessons. It includes explicit reading, phonics, phonemic awareness, and writing instruction for K-2. Jan personally wrote all the lesson plans for these kits.

Dr. Richardson and her expert team of literacy consultants provide schools and school districts with customized professional development and demonstration lessons designed to equip teachers with practical and effective techniques for strengthening effective, small group reading instruction. The goal is for every student to become a better reader who just can’t wait to read another book!

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