Guided Reading Consultants

Jan is unable to accept professional development opportunities at this time. We have compiled the list below of her highly recommended colleagues that may be available for training and speaking engagements. Please contact them directly regarding the services they provide, as well as their fees and availability. Please note, each individual provides private consulting and is not employed by Jan. Jan also has teaching products available for purchase through Scholastic, as well as a list of conferences at which she is scheduled to present. 

Jesstina Bushery

Sandra Weaver Vitae.tiff

Sandra Weaver Vitae


Tammy Seals


Carolyn Gwinn

Lisa Hall


Bonnie Porter/Heather Micheli


Jesstina Bushery

Julie A. Taylor


Jesstina Bushery

Ellen Lewis


Jesstina Bushery

Jennifer Brownlee


Jesstina Bushery

Pam O'Loughlin


Jesstina Bushery

Leslie Lausten


Jesstina Bushery

Sophie Kowzun