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Virtual Book Club

Teaching Guided Reading Remotely

Day 1
Reading the book using the
Yellow Questions strategy
Day 2
Reread the book using the Key Word summary strategy
Day 3
Guided Writing
Day 4
Word Study - this could be added to one of the lessons above
Book Trailer Example

The Limit- Video by Caleb Richardson

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Pre-A Lessons

Working with Names- Name Puzzle Part 1- p.64

Working with Names- Name Puzzle Part 2- p.64

Working with Names- Rainbow Writing- p.64

Working with Letters- Match to ABC Chart # 2- p. 65

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Working with Names- Find the Letter #8- p. 66

Working with Names- Name Letters #5- p. 65

Working with Names- Sort by Color #4- p. 65

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Teaching Point - Crosschecking

Teach a new sight word (said) – 4 steps

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Word Study- Initial Consonant Sort – (Level A)

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Kindergarten Literacy

Word study- Making words- Level D-Digraphs

Introducing the Book

Word Study – Picture Sorts – Blends (level E)

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Word Study–Making Words–Initial Blend (level E)

Word Study–Sound Boxes–Initial Blend (level E)

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Word Study - Analogy Chart - Vowel Patterns

Introducing a Poem- The Glimpse

Prompting for Fluency and Very Important Part (VIP)

Word study – Analogy Chart – Doubling the consonant

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Guided Writing – Awake in the Dark - Part 1

Guided Writing – Awake in the Dark - Part 2

Guided Writing – Awake in the Dark - Part 3

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Interactive Read Aloud

First Grade - ELL

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Organizing Materials

Alphabet Chart Holder

Alphabet Chart in Plastic Holder

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Magnetic Letter Trays

Pencil Trays for Organizing Materials

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Student Performance of
"The Punctuation Rap," 
written by Jan Richardson

"The Punctuation Rap"

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