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July 30-31, 2024

Milwaukee, WI

District event -- FULL

August, 2024

Milwaukee, WI

Lapeer, MI

District event -- FULL

November 13-15, 2024

M.A.R.R.E conference

Springfield, MO

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Previously Recorded Webinars

The Whole Story about Guided Reading - Interview with Dr. Sam Bommarito. Click here


Navigating the Current Literacy Landscape - Interview with Jeremiah Short. Click here


Using Running Records to Make Instruction Decisions for Emergent Readers. Click here

Getting the Facts Straight on Guided Reading. Click here


Next Step Forward in Running Records. Click here


Weaving Reading, Writing, Phonology and Phonics Together:

Shared Reading in Action. Click here

RISE and the Science of Reading. Click here

"Teaching Phonics Explicitly and Systematically during Guided Reading." Click here

Next Step Forward in Running Records. Click here 


Using the Digital Reader to Create Engaging Shared Reading Lessons. Click here 


What is Literary Footprints and how does it support

The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading? Click here

Using Literacy Footprints: Hybrid Teaching.  Click here

RISE: A Powerful New Intervention Program.  Click here

Teaching Transitional and Fluent Reading Lessons Remotely.  Click here

Teaching Early Guided Reading Lessons Remotely.  Click here

Teaching Emergent Guided Reading Lessons Remotely.  Click here

Running Records: Guiding Your Next Steps.  Click here

Guiding Writers: Teaching with Intention and Intensity.  Click here

Progressive Steps: Mining a Pathway to Deeper Comprehension.  Click here

Word Study.  Click here

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